The Pigman, chapter 4, exercises 1-3

The Pigman“ from Paul Zindel.

1) How does the author create suspense?
In the end of chapter three, the narrator John writes something about the Pigman’s (Mr Pignati’s) death. He writes that they would have ’speeded up things but not murdered him‘. That is very exciting because the reader wants to know why Mr Pignati dies.

2) Why does he use John and Lorraine as narrators?
The author uses John and Lorraine as narrators that the reader can compare their opinions and can find out what is true. It’s also very funny if those different characters write about each other.

3) Establish the chronology of the events in the story!
– Lorraine, John and their friends play a telephone game to fool people
– Lorraine calls Mr Pignati
– she tells him that she’s from a charity fund
– Mr Pignati makes some jokes and tells something about himself
– he wants to spend ten dollars to the L & J Fund
– John takes over the phone and completes the call

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