Skyline (Klett): Love Story – Questions (p. 42, ex. 1, 2)

Skyline (Klett): Love Story – Questions (p. 42, ex. 1, 2)

   1. What were your reactions when you first read this text?
   2. What do we learn about the characters introduced at the beginning of this novel?
         a. Who are they?
         b. Where do they meet?
         c. What is their relationship?
   3. Describe the elements that make up the point of view used in this novel.
         a. Who tells the story?
         b. Is the narrator a major or a minor character?
         c. Is he omniscient or is his knowledge limited?

1. When I first read the text, I was very amused by the style of writing and the feud between Harvard students and Radcliffe students but also about the way how the male student tries to get in contact with the ‚Cliffie‘.
There are two things that evoke questions or rather make me curios: The fact that the girl, I suppose it’s ‚Minnie Four-Eyes‘, will die sometime (ll. 1-2). And the last sentence (l. 64) forces the reader to go on with reading because he wants to know how the Harvard student takes the girl for coffee.

a. There are two significant characters introduced at the beginning of the novel ‚Love Story‘. These are a boy who studies at Harvard University and a girl who is also studying but at Radcliffe University.

b. The first time the main character (I think the Harvard student is the main character because he’s the literary ego) met the girl student was in the Radcliffe library where the main character used to study and look after the girls. He talked to her at the reserve desk where she and another girl were working.

c. Actually, this questioned cannot be answered but I suppose that the main character will fall in love with the girl student (the title of the book indicates that) although they are squabbling at first.

a. The story is told by a first-person narrator who is a student at Harvard University.

b. The excerpt of the novel shows that the narrator is a major character, because everything he tells is about his girlfriend and him and how they meet the first time.

c. His knowledge is limited definitely. Because he tells his own love story (the story how he fell in love with a girl from Radcliffe) he takes part in the story and isn’t able to know what she is thinking about. Even after his girlfriend’s death he really doesn’t know what she was thinking about when they talked about the order of Mozart, Bach, the Beatles and him (ll. 3-15).

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