Aufgaben zu „The Hobbit“ (Tolkien)

Questions about John R. R. Tolkien’s „The Hobbit„:

1.) What do you think a hobbit looks like?
2.a) What do we learn about the hobbit from this passage?
2.b) In what way is this hole characteristic of a hobbit hole?
2.c) Why are the Bagginses considered very respectable?

1.) I think that a hobbit is very small in size, has got spiky teeth and is quite plump because he eats so much. So he cannot run really fast and prefers to walk slowly and leisurely. I suppose that he’s got a brown or black hide but he wears strange looking clothes (because of his many wardrobes). Anyway, I think he looks more funny than fierce.

2.a) From this passage, we learn about the hobbit that he prefers to live in comfortable hole in the ground (all hobbits do so). The hobbit described in text is very rich and has got a lot of food in his numerous pantries (he’s got many of them) which he likes to eat not only by himself but with other hobbits, too. This is an important trait because he is very fond of visitors and it seems that he often gives parties (he has lots of pegs for hats and coats on the wall!). He belongs to the Bagginses (a hobbit family) and finally the reader gets to know that he will have an adventure although hobbits usually do not have any adventures.

2.b) This hole – the hole of the hobbit Baggins – is characteristic of a common hobbit hole. It is located in a hill (The Hill) and is provided very comfortably with its tiled and carpeted floors, its many rooms, pantries and wardrobes and with its noble items (polished chairs, panelled walls etc.). All these rooms are on the same floor and – because there are no stairs – on the same passage. Another characteristic feature is that the entrance of the hole starts with a perfectly round door with a shiny brass knob to open it. Behind this door the visitor can see a big tunnel provided with those things that I’ve described just before this.

2.c) On the one hand, the Bagginses are considered very respectable because they’re very rich. But on the other hand, and that’s more deciding, other hobbits are able to know what the Bagginses would say on any question without asking them. This is because their expression lets it out so a Baggins cannot do anything unexpected. And another reason for respecting them is that the Bagginses never had any adventures which is also very important for the hobbits.

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