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Schule > EnglischThe Pigman (Paul Zindel) > Summary of chapter 6 (204 words)   

  Summary of chapter 6 (204 words)  

Verfasst von Oliver Kuna am 01.01.2000

"The Pigman" from Paul Zindel.

In the sixth chapter Lorraine and John are discussing about going to the zoo with Mr Pignati or not. Lorraine definitely doesn't want to go to the zoo and John wants to go there to have fun. Lorraine comes home very late and so she quarrels with her mother. Because she is so angry she calls John when her mother is asleep and asks him if he would go to the zoo with her and Mr Pignati. John agrees and the next day they cut school. Their parents won't hear about that because Deanna Deas, the school secretary, loves John. John calls Mr Pignati and at ten o'clock they meet him in front of the zoo. He smiles the whole time and they buy peanuts. Lorraine is attached by a peacock because of her peanuts. Then Mr Pignati wants to visit his 'friend' Bobo, a baboon, and feeds him with peanuts. That is boring for John and Lorraine and so they make a tour by train around the zoo. When they come back to Bobo, Mr Pignati is still feeding him. John makes ugly noises with the gorilla and suddenly everybody makes those noises. Mr Pignati and Bobo are very sad when they go home.

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